Colorado Raft Rental Policies: 

We at Colorado Raft Rental value the safety of you and your family over everything.  We reserve the right at anytime to not rent equipment if we feel safety will be compromised.  Please, if you are not extremely comfortable with guiding a raft, consider going with a professional company.  The Colorado Rafting Outfitters Association or the Arkansas River Outfitters Association are great sites to visit for more information.  

If you feel comfortable renting our equipment and would like to proceed...  

  1. Email the boat/equipment requested and dates needed to We will get back to you promptly to discuss details and up to date availability.

  2. After discussing details with us at Colorado Raft Rental, we will email you a quote placing rental fees in writing for review.

  3. After review, follow the provided link on the rental quote. You will be charged the full rental fee which reserves the equipment for your use. Please toggle “Save” within the accounting system (Damage Deposit).

  4. We will keep your credit card on file as a deposit against loss or damage. Every person will be required to sign an acknowledgement of risk form if they are to be using the equipment. Minors will need a signature from parents or guardians. The paying representative of your party will need to sign the quote/invoice agreeing to payment at time of rental.

  5. All equipment rented shall be inspected by both the renter and the Colorado Raft Rental representative. This is your time to ask questions about equipment and to make note of any pre-existing damage.

  6. Have a great trip!

  7. When you return the equipment please assure that it as clean as when you picked it up. A $25/hr cleaning fee will be charged if not.

  8. If you have rented a groover, you have two options. Go to any RV dump site and appropriately clean it with the supplied equipment ($10-20), or pay us $100 to do it. Here is a link to local RV dump sites. We will provide cleaning directions with the rental.

  9. All equipment is due back by 7pm. If you're late, there is a $25/hr late charge.

  10. As we are checking the equipment back in, we are assessing for any damaged or missing equipment. If something is lost or missing, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR 100% OF THE RETAIL COST OF THAT EQUIPMENT. We will charge your credit card at that time. If damage has occurred, we will determine the cost of the repairs within a reasonable time and discuss this with you. Your on-file credit card will then be charged the repair fee.

Refund/Cancellation Policy:

When you book with CRR, we will make every effort possible to ensure your equipment is prepped and ready for your reservation. When you cancel, we may have already put in the work, prepping for your trip, potentially turning down other customers who were looking for the same equipment. Please understand the nature of this business, and respect our policy.

  • Full Refunds will be given if cancelled greater than 30 days from the first reserved day

  • 50% of rental price will be refunded if cancelled between 2 and 30 days from the first reserved day.

  • NO REFUNDS will be given if cancelled less than 2 days from the first reserved day.

Trailer use:

If you are opting to using our trailers, it is your responsibility to ensure that your vehicle is capable of towing it properly.  We use a "4-flat" connector on our trailers and have 2" (inch) ball receptors/receivers. Please ensure you have either the appropriate harness or adapter on your vehicle and ball hitch size.  It is your responsibility to properly connect the trailer to your vehicle.  Please contact your vehicle insurance provider prior to rental to confirm the trailer is properly covered under your insurance policy.


It will be necessary to arrange pick-up and drop-off times with us at Colorado Raft Rental.  We will need to make sure someone is available to help you check-out and check-in equipment. Our small family-run business appreciates your best-guess efforts, so we can give you our undivided attention.  All items must be returned or checked out by 7pm.


Everyone (adults and children) using Colorado Raft Rental's equipment are required to provide a signed Assumption of Risk, Release of Liability, and Indemnification Agreement.  Click the link below to digitally sign prior to arrival to Colorado Raft Rental.