Paddlefest 2016

Every Memorial Day weekend, CKS Main Street puts on a great event called Paddlefest.  This event held in Buena Vista Colorado is the kick-off to the paddling season.  Tons of events/clinics/music/beer/etc for everybody.  Check out the website,, and make your way to BV!  If you're coming from out of town and would love to have a raft to explore our local Arkansas River stretches, check out what Colorado Raft Rental has to offer.  The 13' Super Puma set up as a paddle boat or a oar boat would perfect your weekend.  A small light-weight trailer is available should you need it for convenience.    

Safety Talk

I'm sure I'm guilty just as much as anyone else, but as we get going this spring, we should remember to look out for our friends and family.  The more we boat, the more we can get lackadaisical about proper pre-trip planning.  Whether we're doing a big spring whitewater trip or just a simple fishing's good to remember that your group may not have the same experience in the water as you, a good safety talk is a must.  NRS put together a great article on the put-in safety talk.

Arkansas River runoff; call the peak date and CFS.

Talking with a friend today who went paddling last night, sounds like the runoff here in Colorado has started. Water was brown. (Good for those after whitewater, bad for those wanting to take advantage of the Mothers Day caddis hatch. A nice article was written about that lack of red dust this year causing shorter and bigger runoffs in the past. Here's to a nice slow long season, bring lots of whitewater and big fish to all!  



Anybody want to guess on what the peak runoff will be this year and ehat date?   

The ultimate fishing rig

I got some time to get the fishing boat nearly dialed in.  We are Colorado Raft Rental are super excited to get this thing out on the water!  13' Aire Super Puma, RiverBoat Works custom fishing frame, and Cataract Oars.  This raft is perfect for the Arkansas, Upper Colorado, Blue, or the Taylor.  Give us a call or email to learn more about it and how we at Colorado Raft Rental can get you on the water.  Click the picture to scroll through the slideshow!

First equipment has arrived!

We at Colorado Raft Rental are excited for springtime; patiently waiting to see what permits we won 😉. The first rounds of equipment has started to roll in as well!  Colorado Raft Rental will always pride themselves in providing quality equipment for the private user, this first picture can attest to that!  16' Aire with Riverboat Works Frame.  This thing is just begging to go to the desert. 

In the background you can see the next beauty we're putting together; what will be an Aire SuperPuma with the perfect fly fishing frame. Think about renting this out for your spring fly fishing trip to the Green!  

"Full Moon Groove" 

"Full Moon Groove" 

The Important Places

Eight or so years ago I got the opportunity to take my soon-to-be wife and father down the Grand.  21 of the best days of my life. Today, many little things crossed my path reminding me of those special weeks, including this video. Just a little reminder to all the Colorado Raft Rental friends to cherish the moments we get with family, and support hard working non-profits who protect such places.  Happy New Year everyone!  

New name, same game

Rig-to-Flip Outfitters is now known as Colorado Raft Rental. Although I loved the original name, it just wasn't working; I spent too much time explaining the name, spelling the name, repeating the name, etc. Thus, Colorado Raft Rental is the new, and improved, Rig-to-Flip Outfitters. Anyway, if you haven't checked out  ,  then please do! Join our mailing list, drop me a line to say hello, and please share with your friends. 


"What are you doing?

I've had many folks ask since "going live" what I'm up to.  Here's the scoop.  Rig-to-Flip Outfitters is planning on being THE place to rent rafting equipment in Colorado. If you can think of it, we'll have it.  Rafts, frames, oars, paddles, groovers, firepans, coolers, dry boxes, dry bags, PFD's, helmets, etc etc etc.  We also plan to have a fully rigged Aire Super Puma with a plush fishing frame all set up for float fishing here on the Ark.  So that's the scoop.  Almost everything is ordered, making its appearance here in Buena Vista this winter. me favor would you friends.  Go to my website, and check it out.  Although there isn't much up yet, help me to increase my internet traffic.  Fill out your "contact" information so I can add you to my mailing list.  Thanks!  

So True

I ran across this article this morning during my usual gallon of coffee routine. Published in Canoe and Kayak magazine, it's a great little story that us rowers have all dealt with before.  Brings me back to a time I was rowing Westwater Canyon in a 14' raft, gear strapped in so high I couldn't see in front of me. Had to stand up to really see where I was going. to love 'em (I'm one at heart). Next time your wondering how your ever gonna fit all that gear in that little boat for your week long trip, keep Rig-to-Flip Outfitters and Colorado Raft Rental in mind. We'll have a big 16' raft for rent to bring that kitchen sink.